Leinster Indoor Championships 2022

9th February 2022

Gowran AC sent a juvenile team of 32 athletes to compete at the Leinster indoor championships in Athlone. The atmosphere was back, created by the full house of supporters cheering on the athletes. Most of our athletes competed in 2 or 3 events each, with many events having heats, semi-finals and finals.

By the end of the two days, Gowran had 25 top 5 finishes in the Leinster championship, which is an excellent club result, but more importantly for many of our athletes, it was their first experience of indoors, and new friendships formed.

On such long days, the athletes go through the range of emotions, the anticipation, the excitement, the adrenaline, the determination, then comes either the delight, contentment, disappointment, or tears.

Gowran came away with two 1st, five 2nd, four 3rd, nine 4th, and six 5th. Eleven athletes now progress through to the All-Irelands next Month.

60M Sprint: Rachel Duff (U13G) finished 2nd (8.52 seconds) in what was a Kilkenny 1,2,3. She won her heat and her semi-final. Odhran Prendergast (U14B) also finished 2nd (8.26 seconds), and won his heat en-route. Darragh Carroll (U13B) got through his heat and semi-final, and finished 5th in the final. Gowran had 12 other fast athletes competing in the short 60M sprint, Emily O`Keeffe (U12G), Laura Beatty (U12G), Oren Denieffe (U12B), Eimear Cottrell (U13G), Lucy Cunningham (U13G), Kate Hayden (U14G), Charlie Ryan (U15B), Rachel Gardiner (U16G), and Chloe Lynch (U16G).

Long Jump: Aoibhlinn Steger (U14G) came 1st, winning by 2cm in a field of 35 athletes.  Darragh Carroll (U13B) finished 2nd with a 4.1M jump. Odhran Prendergast (U14B) was 5th, Ailbhe Steger (U15G) 7th, Evan Ryan (U13B) 8th, all made it through to their respective final jump offs. Gowran had lots of other super jumpers competing, Lucy Cunningham (U13G), Grace Roberts (U13G), Eimear Cottrell (U13G), Aaron Carrigan (U12B), MJ Carroll (U12B), Aidan Corrigan (U12B), David Carroll (U12B), Oren Denieffe (U12B), and Joe Hayes (U14B).

60M Hurdles: Aaron Carrigan (U12B) was 2nd in heats, and 3rd in the final, narrowly pipping MJ Carroll (U12B) who was 1st in heats, and 4th in final. Tomas Carroll (U14B) was 2nd in heats, and 3rd in the final. In the U13 Boys, Gowran had 3 athletes that qualified through the heats to the final – Evan Ryan finished 2nd in heats, and 5th in the final, Dara Leamy finished 4th in heats, and 6th in the final, Michael O`Keeffe was 3rd in the heats, and 8th in the final. Gowran also had some future stars hurdling, Emily O`Keeffe (U12G), Heidi Ryan (U12G), Kate Hayden (U14G), Ceola Leamy (U15G).

Pole Vault: Ceola Leamy (U15G) was 1st after clearing 6 height increases. James Kelsey (U15B) finished 3rd. Chloe Lynch (U16G) finished 2nd.

600M: Aaron Carrigan won his heat by a significant margin, and finished 2nd in the final, he was later disqualified on a harsh technicality, but ran superbly. Darragh Carroll (U13B) finished 3rd in heats, and 4th in final improving his time by 5 seconds. MJ Carroll finished 2nd in the heats, and 7th in final. Gowran had many other middle distance stars of the future running, Emily O`Keeffe (U12G), Heidi Ryan (U12G), David Carroll, (U12B), Aidan Corrigan (U12B), Daisy Coomey (U13G), and Orlaith Carroll (U13G).

High Jump: Ailbhe Steger was 3rd (U15G), Joe Hayes and Tómas Carroll shared 4th (U14B) while James Kelsey (U15B) set a new PB in coming 4th also. Orlaith Carroll (U13G) finished 5th as did Dara Leamy (U13B). Gowran had 4 other vertical jumpers competing, Daisy Coomey (U13G), Aoibhlinn Steger (U14G), Ceola Leamy (U15G), and Chloe Lynch (U16G).

200M Sprint: Darragh Dunne (U16B) finished 2nd in heats, and a close 4th in the final. Rachel Gardiner ran well and finished 6th in heats.

Shot Put: Rachel Gardiner (U16G) came 2nd, a mere 0.03M from 1st place, and a long distance clear of the rest. Heidi Ryan finished 4th (U12G), Anna Kelsey 8th (U13G), Evan Ryan 4th (U13B), Dara Leamy 6th (U13B), Aoibhlinn Steger 7th (U14G), Ailbhe Steger 5th (U15G), Noah Denieffe 4th (U15B), Charlie Ryan 6th (U15B) all made it through to their respective final group throw offs. Gowran had other powerful throwers competing, Oren Denieffe (U12B), David Carroll (U12B), Orlaith Carroll (U13G), Daisy Coomey (U13G), and Joe Hayes (U14B).

800M: Tomas Carroll (U14B) was 3rd in heats, and finished 12th in final. Cillian Dunne (U19B) finished 4th in the final. Gowran also had Kate Hayden (U14G), and James Kelsey (U15B) running the 4 lap event.

Best of luck to the 11 Athletes that qualified for the indoor All-Irelands next month – Rachel Duff, Aoibhlinn Steger, Ceola Leamy, Ailbhe Steger, Rachel Gardiner, Chloe Lynch, Aaron Carrigan, Tómas Carroll. Darragh Carroll, Odhran Prendergast, James Kelsey.