Greetings from Africa

29th March 2020

Thank You!

Thank you from AfricaAmidst all the gloom of COVID 19, a lovely message of thanks from Africa to Pat Lennon and friends.

Each year, Pat helps out with our Couch to 5k training sessions which concludes with our famous Stook 5k route in November but Pat ran in the new 10k race also on the same day. So to enjoy the 5k run with his runner friends (and walkers), he organised a 5K run on the Stook 5k route just before Christmas. After the 5k, the group gathered in the Ouncel House for dinner and drinks where Pat had a raffle for a few prizes including a beautifully framed picture (see photo) created by his daughter Rebecca. The money raised for the raffle was given to Margo from Graig-Ballycallan AC who has links with a charity group in Africa. It was nice to get a message back to see that the donation was appreciated so far away.

Well done to all who took part and supported!

 Looking forward to a 5k run on Stook when the COVID 19 Restrictions are lifted!



Pat Lennon

Graigue Ballycallan gang