County Track & Field 2018

16th April 2018

The Kilkenny County Track & Field is held over 4 days. Its for clubs in Kilkenny only. Clubs include: Barrow Harriers, Brow Rangers, Castlecomer, Gowran, Graig-Ballycallan, Kilkenny City Harriers, Kings River, St. Josephs, St. Senans, Thomstown and Tullaroan.

This year, it is held over 4 days and all competition days take place in Scanlon Park, Watershed, Kilkenny.

  • Sunday 6th of May¬† – 11am
  • Sunday 13th of May – 11am
  • Friday 25th of May – 6:45pm
  • Friday 1st of June – 6:45pm

We hope to have all our athletes participating in County Competition. We encourage athletes to try everything. There is no limit to the amount of events that an athlete can enter. Children must compete in their own age category and are not permitted to move up an age except in relays. Everyone should wear a singlet and spikes (5mm). The Sunday Competitions start at 11am and as there are a lot of events it take a longtime. It is difficult to predict start times of events.

PARENTS: Coaches will be available to assist on the day but as many events take place at the same time, it is not possible for the coach to direct every child to each event.

  • Let a coach know your child is here to compete and what events.
  • Parents should listen and watch for their own child’s event. The Programme Schedule will be available at the entrance to the competition or printout in advance.
  • Parents are responsible for their child before and after events.
  • Before competition, prepare the child for the upcoming event. Spikes-singlet-warmup-drink.
  • Its best not to overexcite the child before competition or put heavy expectations on performance.
  • Waiting for events can cause anxiety for some children. It is important that the parent is calm and confident (even if fake) that they know whats going on. Maybe focus on watching other events.
  • Parents are not permitted to the Track & Field areas. Direct juveniles to their event from behind the fence.
  • After competition, ensure the child eats & drinks and is ready for the next event.

RELAYS: Be prepared to wait for the relays as they are the last juvenile event. If your child is participating in the relays, it is important to let the coach know if you are leaving the competition venue. 4 athletes are needed for the team and it can be a disappointing for the team if 1 person doesn’t return on time to prepare and compete. Sometimes there will be A, B and C teams for the relays depending on the number of children available to compete. Teams may be selected on the day or in advance.

Programme Schedule for each day.