3,000m track time trial results

18th September 2013

Conditions were perfect tonight on the track for the 3,000m time trial. The on-form Paul Deegan took the honours in a time of 10:18. A good turnout ensured an even spread across the entire field. Thanks to everyone for taking part. We will now have a change in direction in the coming weeks as we prepare for cross country season. Wednesday training will continue to meet at the Watershed at 7pm


Provisional 3,000m time trial Results:

Name Time
Paul Deegan 10:18
David Dempsey 10:55
Adrian Cunningham 11:00
Gary Farrell 11:11
Billy Holden 11:18
Simon Maher 11:33
Brian Walsh 11:41
Brendan Kiely 11:49
Brendan Murphy 12:36
Jack O’Kelly 12:59
Mick Walsh 13:08
Eamonn Dargan 13:26
Seánie Comerford 14:16
Fiona Purcell 14:19
Lisa Hennessy 14:32
Robert Malone 15:15


If anyone spots a descrepancy please let us know and we will happily update accordingly.