2020 - Kilkenny Indoor Track and Field Championships

4 Jan 2020

Juvenile: 43 Medals  20 Gold; 13 Silver; 10 Bronze

Senior and Masters: 11 Medals 5 Gold; 4 Silver; 2 Bronze

U12 Girls
Kate Hayden –  3rd in 60m, 3rd in Hurdles, 3rd in 600m

U12 Boys
Tomas Carroll -1st in Hurdles, 1st in High Jump
Odhran Prendergast -2nd in 60m, 2nd in Hurdles, 2nd in High Jump
Conor Carroll – 4th in 600m
2nd Relay Team

U13 Girls
Alibhe Steiger – 1st in Long Jump, 1st in High Jump, 1st in Hurdles
Lucy Coomey – 3rd in 600m, 2nd in Highjump
Ceola Leamy – 2nd in High Jump
Danica Tervit-Kruger – 3rd in Long Jump, 3rd in Hurdles
Katie Boyd – silver medal as sub on the relay team
2nd Relay Team

U13 Boys
Charlie Ryan – 3rd in 60m, 2nd in Shot Put
James Kelsey – 1st in High Jump
Kealan Barcoe – 3rd in High Jump
Noah Denieffe – 1st in Long Jump
2nd Relay Team

U14 Girls
Chloe Lynch – 1st in High Jump
Rachel Gardiner – 1st in Shot Put

U14 Boys
Liam O’Dwyer – 1st in Hurdles, 2nd in High Jump, 3rd in 60m
Darragh Dunne – 2nd in 60m

U15 Girls
Samantha Tervit-Kruger – 2nd in Hurdles, 1st in Long Jump

U17 Boys
Cillian Dunne – 1st in 800m,

U18-19 Girls
Robyn Denieffe – 3rd in 60m, 2nd in Long Jump
Eve O’Dwyer – 1st Shot Put, 2nd in 60m, 1st in Long Jump
Ebony Masuku – 3rd in Long Jump, 2nd in Shot Put

U18/19 Boys
Peter Dunne – 1st High Jump, 1st in Shot Put, 1st in 200m, 1st in 60m

Indoor Juvenile Shield
KCH 186
SS 125
G 96
SJ 48
CC 29
BR 29
TT 16
BH 3

Senior Women
Eve O’Dwyer – 1st in Shot, Weight for Distance and Hurdles.
Ebony Masuku – 3rd in Shot and 2nd in Weight for Distance

Senior Men
Peter Dunne – 1st in Long Jump and 2nd in High Jump

Masters Men
John Leamy – 1st in Hurdles, 2nd in 60m, 3rd in Long Jump

Indoor Senior and Masters Shield
KCH 42
SJ 27
G 25
BR 23
KR 11
TT 6
CC 2