County Juvenile T&F Championships Day 3

25 May 2018

A huge turnout on a sunny Friday evening at the watershed. Brilliant performances from athletes of all ages, resulted in 51 medals presented on the podium.

Track results

Boys 200m u/8 1 Aaron Carrigan
Boys 200m u/8 2 MJ Carroll
Boys 200m u/9 1 Robert Coogan
Boys 300m u/11 2 Aidan Keating
Boys 300m u/11 3 Tom Kehoe
Girls 300m u/10 2 Holly Drennan
Girls 300m u/13 3 Eimear Brennan
Boys 60H u/12 1 Liam O’Dwyer
Girls 75m u/14 1 Maria Connolly
Girls 75m u/14 2 Ellie Murray
Girls 75m u/14 3 Aisling Fitzpatrick
Boys 80m u/14 2 Noah Scully
Boys 80m u/14 3 Luke Phelan
Girls 80m u/16 3 Anna Connolly
Boys 80m u/15 2 Brogan McAviney
Girls 80m u/16 3 Eve O’Dwyer
Boys 80m u/16 2 Brogan McAviney
Girls 100m u/19 1 Ellen Purcell
Boys 100m u/19 1 Zack Denieffe
Girls 300m u/12 3 Hazel Coogan
Girls 300m u/13 2 Rachel O’Neill
Boys 300m u/12 2 Darragh Dunne
Girls 1,500m u/15 2 Hannah Kehoe
Boys 1,500m u/14 2 Billy Coogan
Boys 1,500m u/14 3 Luke Phelan
Boys 1,500m u/15 3 Cillian Dunne
Boys 1,500m u/16 2 Brogan McAviney

Field Results

Girls Discus u/14 1 Ella Cusack
Girls Discus u/15 2 Anna Connolly
Girls Discus u/16 1 Eve O’Dwyer
Girls Discus u/16 2 Robyn Denieffe
Girls Discus u/16 2 Ellen Purcell
Boys Shot Putt u/10 1 Tomas Carroll
Boys Shot Putt u10 2 Odhran Prendergast
Boys Shot Putt u/11 1 Aidan Keating
Boys Shot Putt u/12 1 Jake Kelly
Boys Shot Putt u/12 3 Liam O’Dwyer
Boys Shot Putt u/13 1 Cain Scully
Boys Shot Putt u/14 1 Billy Coogan
Boys Shot Putt u/14 3 Noah Scully
Boys Shot Putt u/16 3 Eoin Murphy
Boys Shot Putt u/19 2 Zack Denieffe
Girls Triple Jump u/15 2 Anna Connolly
Girls Triple Jump u/16 2 Eve O’Dwyer
Girls Triple Jump u/16 3 Robyn Denieffe
Girls Triple Jump u/19 1 Ellen Purcell
Girls Triple Jump u/14 3 Noah Scully
Girls Triple Jump u/15 2 Cillian Dunne
Girls Triple Jump u/16 3 Brogan McAviney
Girls Triple Jump u/19 1 Zack Denieffe